Repair, Recondition, Restoration, and Modification

Grey Duck is dedicated to lifelong experiences on the water with your favorite boat or board and we believe that almost every watercraft can be brought back to life after a nasty impact or years of neglect in the backyard. 

What We Cover:

All watercraft must be under 20’ in length and we do NOT do motors.

  • Canoes/Kayaks/SUP - Kevlar, Royalex/Plastic, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Wood Strip, Wood and Canvas
  • Sailboat Hulls
  • Rowboats
  • Drift Boats
  • Duck Boats (Layout Boat)
  • Ice Boats
  • Pulk Sleds
  • Paddles
  • Anything Made of Fiberglass
  • Etc… 


Generally “repair order” means we restore the craft to a standard of functionality that is acceptable under the conventional use of the watercraft. This includes reinforcing breaks, sealing cracks and dings, replacing rotten or worn out parts such as gunwales, seats and other trim pieces.

We strive to create clean repairs that maintain an acceptable aesthetic but they often reveal that a repair was indeed made. It’s common for a repair area to be the strongest part of your craft once it leaves our shop. If you are the type of paddler that cares only for function then a repair order is all that you require.



A “recondition order” is not necessarily a repair but can be added to a repair order or just a great way to breathe new life into your watercraft. Reconditioning includes cleaning, sanding, oiling, buffing/polishing, resin recoat, painting/gelcoating, for the purposes of looks and longevity. Basically like an oil change for your watercraft. A recondition order goes a long way to maintaining the quality of your boat or board for years to come.

Old boats and boards are often greatly enhanced by a recondition alongside their repairs making them a viable option for daily use once more. 


“Restoration order” is a much more rare project and the lead times are generally in excess of one calendar year. However, for the paddler that wishes to make their watercraft like-new again, a restoration order is the only way to go. Grey Duck believes in creating heirloom products and we strive to bring heirlooms back to their original luster any chance we get. 

For the paddler that wants their recent craigslist find or grandpa’s old wood and canvas canoe restored to original glory, you need look no further. Restoration projects include Kevlar/Carbon Composite, Wood, Fiberglass, Wood and Canvas, and more.



A “modification order” applies to any aftermarket alteration made to your watercraft that the owner is otherwise lacking confidence in a DIY approach. We get it. It can be intimidating to drill holes in something worth hundreds or thousands of your hard earned dollars, especially something that can be sunk by holes. 

Common modifications include:

  • Accessory Installation
  • New Seats/Backrests
  • Sonar Installation
  • Gear Mounts
  • Foot Braces
  • Sail Rigs
  • Custom contrivances of your own design

If you would like to learn how to repair/refurbish please feel free to reach out with any questions. We are happy to help you.

For a repair quote or general Inquiry please contact us at

Or call Eli @ 651-472-2104