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    Grey Duck Performance Wear

    Let’s be honest, there is a wide variety of sportswear out there. Some really stylish, functional, and useful items. But all too often, those shirts, tanks, hats, or shorts are emblazoned with large or off-putting logos along with being cheaply built so they can be priced for an impulse buy. They may work great at the gym or while working out, but you wouldn't dream of wearing them anywhere beyond that. How long their useful life remains questionable as well. 

    At Grey Duck, we strive to create items that become more appreciated over time. While first impressions are important, we want our products to shine long after the initial emotions wear off. With the development of our performance wear, we wanted to accomplish the following:

    1. Built to sweat - Design pieces that you'd use while paddling or working out, but be just as comfortable in bumming around town.
    2. Built to last - the world doesn't need any more fast fashion brands or products. We want to offer our customers products they'll use and love for the long term.
    3. Classic and Timelessness - we want our products to be the star of the show. We're building clean and functional pieces that we know you'll look good in down the road.