The Quetico Project


The Quetico Project started as a dream in the fall of 2011 after a SUP trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota. Greyduck's founder traveled to Quetico Provincial Park for canoe trips on an annual basis growing up. Over time, the dream of building a better paddle board for remote environments became an obsession. The new board had to haul loads, be easily transported over rugged landscape, and paddle like a dream. The result of those efforts is the all new, patent pending, Quetico14.

The Quetico14, with the patent pending Grey Duck Sit/Carry System, is an industry first transport system that allows a paddle board to be carried overhead with ease. It also doubles as a seat, giving riders the ultimate in comfort both on and off the water. 

The Quetico14 with integrated Grey Duck Sit/Carry System, solves the traditional problems related to transporting boards across land in remote places. With conventional transport systems, the board is carried on the side of the body, close to the ground. This creates strain and fatigue on the lower back, as the weight of the board is offset to the side of the person carrying it. Getting the board overhead balances the board on the shoulders and over the hips, allowing the board to be transported over longer distances with less fatigue. Overhead transport is also superior for navigating steep and rugged terrain, where proper foot placement is critical.

Paddle. Portage. Sit

The Sit/Carry system found on the Quetico can also be added to the All Day Hybrid.



Greyduck HIPtech polymer technology


HIPtech construction is our new, bomber way to build a SUP. In addition to epoxy, this specially formulated polymer is bonded with fiberglass to create a board that can handle just about any abuse you can give it. If you paddle in punishing environments or don’t like to baby your equipment, then your next board should be HIPtech construction.
Below is a video showing HIPtech in action:

HIPtech is available on the All Day and comes standard on our Quetico boards.




5” Weedless Shallow Water Fin

Grey Duck's new weedless shallow water fin is great for exploring areas where shallow water is the norm. We've jammed the surface area of a normal 10" dolphin fin into a new shape with just a 5" draft. We’ve found this to be the perfect fin for paddling weedy lakes, ocean flats, or for rivers where water is flowing and below surface structure is unknown. This fiberglass fin works with all boards that have a standard fin box.