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    The Greyduck Blog

    2021-2022 SUP Inventory Update

    UPDATED: August 17, 2021

    I know it goes without saying that times are weird, so I'll get right to the point. We are experiencing unprecedented demand, resulting in some changes in how our products can be purchased during the next couple of months.

    In the beginning of our small business journey, we made the decision to build our business in partnership with independent specialty retail stores primarily in the Midwest. We would be their trusted source of high quality SUP boards with a goal of keeping 'Main Street Vibrant', and they would be our partners in sharing our products and good vibes with those in their community. So far, it's been a beautiful thing. We remain committed to that goal, so you will see that all of our boards listed for direct purchase on our website are now labeled 'SOLD OUT'. It is likely that we won’t open up direct purchase from our website until late in 2021.

    At this time, inventory remains very limited at most dealers. We started 2022 production mid-summer and expect to see our first 2022 boards arriving into our Minneapolis warehouse sometime in October. In terms of what will be arriving and when, here is our best guess at the moment:

    Inflatable boards - October

    Coast 'Wood' boards - October

    All Other models - November/December

    We'll continue to fill in with additional inventory through the winter and into spring and hopefully be fully back in stock by late spring.

    If you have questions on availability, what board models the dealers near you may be receiving next spring, or just a general question, please feel free to text me (763-218-0480) and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible. Please include your name, email, city in which you reside, and your specific question and I'll turn around answers as quickly as possible.

    Thanks for your continued patience and support. We appreciate you and your business.

    Best wishes,


    Owner - Grey Duck Outdoor

    All Around Board vs Displacement Hulls

    All Around Board vs Displacement Hulls

    There are two main shapes for stand up paddle boards: the all-around and the displacement hull. Both board types will offer different experiences.  Some paddlers will have a preference on board shape and we'll offer up some pros and cons for each type.

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