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Written by Jody Henseler, Team Grey Duck Visiting the shores of Lake Michigan this paddling season? Then bring your board, do a little research, and check out some of the shallow water shipwrecks along her shore. We are home to...
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Ice Out? Let's Paddle (Safely)!
Spring is springing in most parts of the US. However, water is slower to heat up (and cool down) than air which can yield a sixty degree, sunny spring day with a lake temperature of 45 degrees or lower. No matter your skill level, a paddler should always be prepared for immersion because the body will lose heat in water four times faster than in air of the same temperature.
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2021-2022 SUP Inventory Update
I know it goes without saying that times are weird, so I'll get right to the point. We are experiencing unprecedented demand, resulting in some changes in how our products can be purchased during the next couple of months.
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