Touring Series

    Welcome To Grey Duck’s Touring Series

    Grey Duck’s Touring Series brings the modern paddler to the leading edge of canoe design and technology. These efficient canoes are meant to get you from A to B with time and energy to spare. Though all our canoes are a pleasure to paddle unweighted, these canoes are designed to handle well in wind and waves even when loaded. 

    Why Such a Long Boat?

    From the late 1960’s through the 1980’s the development of the American touring canoe began to take shape. Canoe racers like Mike Cichanowski, Ralph Sawyer and Ted Bell brought racing technology such as longer, narrower canoes made from lightweight composite material to the backcountry. These longer straight-keel canoes have mellowed somewhat as the demands of the wilderness require more seaworthy hulls, but what we are left with today is a distinct midwestern style that seems as enduring as canoeing itself. 

    The Grey Duck Difference:

    Our Touring Series maximizes speed and efficiency without compromising seaworthiness and maneuverability. We carry volume all the way to the sheerline for optimal loading capacity and our infused gel coated hulls are second to none in beauty and durability. Everything about a Grey Duck just hits different.