Sit/Carry System

Sit/Carry System


    Our patented Sit/Carry System allows the board to easily be carried overhead, while also doubling as a seat. This industry-first system is available on our All Day Hybrid and Quetico models, allowing these boards to be used in ways other boards can’t. Add additional accessories to dial in the board to your specific needs, whether that be a day with your kids or on the search for a big catch.

    ‘Sit/Carry System Ready’ Boards:

    The 11’2” All Day Hybrid is unlike any board currently on the market. The board is ‘Sit/Carry System Ready’, with mounting points on either side of the deck pad to enable the Grey Duck Sit/Carry System to be installed in the future. The hybrid hull shape combines the best aspects of both an all-around and touring shape, creating a board that is maneuverable and super stable underfoot but tracks well in a variety of conditions. This is a board that can be used in a completely recreational manner, yet flex into a great touring or fishing platform with the addition of the Grey Duck Sit/Carry system. 

    The patented Quetico Board is the result of a dream started in 2011 to build an exceptional board that could handle remote places like Quetico Provincial Park and the BWCAW. It was a board that needed to haul loads, be easily transported across portages, and paddle like a dream.


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