Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s be real – gift giving can be tricky and often stressful at this time of the year. Our goal is to help alleviate that stress and share some options for the different paddlers in your life with this Grey Duck Gift Guide!

Gifts for the Beginner Paddler

Gifts for the Paddling Expert

  • Our Shallow Water Fin is the perfect accessory for someone who already has a paddle board and is looking to expand 
  • Spare fin screws are a great stocking stuffer for a paddler. These are easily lost or forgotten and it's ideal to have some extras in your paddle bag.
  • Update their stock paddle with an adjustable carbon paddle.

Gifts for the Cabin Tripper

  • If you are looking to upgrade a cabin board, the Coast Hybrid is a beautiful board that is build with both stability and glide in mind.
  • The Vision17 is a dream gift  with customized colors available to match your cabin-lover's favorite aesthetic. 
  • The Equipoise is a perfect platform for so many different activities: Yoga, fitness, swim platform, picnics, tandem paddling, etc.
  • One simply cannot have enough mugs in life and this mug will quickly turn into the favorite at the cabin. Also, this ceramic pint glass will be equally loved in your cabin year-round.

    Gifts for All-Things-Outdoors Lover

    • Support your local outdoor shop! Buy new gear or accessories from your local outdoor retailer. Here is a list of dealers that we work with who sell Grey Duck boards. Looking to gift a paddle board? Get a gift card from your local shop! Looking to get outside this winter? Call and ask what’s available for winter gear!
    • Our paddle logo mug is hand thrown and made in Saint Paul, Minnesota 
    • The Vision17 Canoe is on the top of our wish list this year! If you hadn't heard, we are now building high end composite canoes in our Roseville, Minnesota shop. 

    Gifts for the Yogi or Fitness Enthusiast

    • The Equipoise inflatable paddle boards is the perfect platform for yoga or fitness. The Equipoise is a symetrical shaped board that that’s not only amazing for yoga and fitness, but is a super stable paddling platform as well.
    • Designed and sewn in Minnesota, the Grey Duck Performance Wear line-up offers items ready for your sweat session or outdoor adventure. We are currently offering women's gear and will be adding men’s to the line up soon. 

    Gifts for the Givers

    Give back to the organizations who are working tirelessly year-round to make this world a better place.